Bouncing Back by Giving Back

It is my personal and professional experience that one of the most powerful ways to help ourselves bounce back is to reach out to assist others who may also be struggling or suffering.  Getting on the path of service is one of the surest ways to feel better when we’re hurting. Children, in particular, are so vulnerable to the hits that come their way and when we support them, we send our own resilience soaring. Take a look at a few of my favorite philanthropies and visit their websites to find out how to help yourself by helping someone little who desperately needs you.

  • Half the Sky Foundation: Half the Sky offers the love and concern of family for thousands of orphaned children in China who have lost theirs.  For the children who will never be adopted, Half the Sky Programs are the closest thing they will ever receive to the love and support of a birth family. When I was in China to adopt my daughter, I was tremendously moved by the plight of the many beautiful little girls who I couldn't take home with me.  Half the Sky makes a huge difference in the lives of these precious children.

  • Make-A-Wish Foundation: Since 1980, the Make-A-Wish Foundation has enriched the lives of children with life-threatening medical conditions through its wish-granting work, giving them hope, strength, and joy.  When my personal assistant and best friend was a young child, the Make-A-Wish Foundation brought her family to Disney World and alleviated some of the sadness and pressure that was affecting her family as they were caring for a child with cancer.  This organization touches real lives and you can help these lives bounce back by supporting their work.

  • Just Like My Child: The Just Like My Child Foundation works to alleviate the suffering of women, children, and families in rural Uganda using an approach they call deep development, which means empowering communities, village by village, to create their own long-term solutions to healthcare, education, and microenterprise. My friend and peace advocate Sarah Granby first turned me on to this organization and by supporting the amazing work they do, you can help the most innocent among us to have the basics that all children deserve.  Help yourself bounce back by reaching out to this incredible organization.

  • Operation Smile: Throughout the world, Operation Smile volunteers repair childhood facial deformities while building public and private partnerships that advocate for sustainable healthcare systems for children and families.  They are on a mission to create smiles, change lives and heal humanity.  My sister's best friend, Kristen DeLuca, has worked on one of the nation's top cleft-palate teams and has seen first-hand the miracles that Operation Smile creates  and the way that children can bounce back when they are finally able to smile.  Will you please consider helping yourself by helping them?

Jillian Quinn, author of Secrets of the Bulletproof Spirit
Jillian Quinn, author of Secrets of the Bulletproof Spirit
Jillian Quinn, author of Secrets of the Bulletproof Spirit
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