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As beautiful, joyful and abundant as life can be, there’s no getting around the fact that life also presents us with many trials, heart-breaking moments, and even times of flat-out devastation—events and experiences that I call “hits.” Bad things do happen to the best of people and crisis and adversity are a natural, albeit painful, part of the human experience. In these difficult, dark times of our lives, it can feel hard to make empowering and healing choices. While we cannot protect or shield ourselves from the many hits that life hands out, we can learn a new way of thinking—along with concrete and practical skills and strategies-- that allows us to bounce back from whatever blows we’re dealt. In fact, by connecting with our innate spiritual resilience, we find that life’s roadblocks become bridges that are leading us to our highest destiny. Being “spiritually bulletproof” truly is your birthright—you already possess all you need to overcome any adversity you face. Making the decision to claim that birthright is the first step in the healing journey that we are all taking together.

It is my mission to inspire others to tap into their own innate resilience and to connect with their own “bulletproof spirits” so they can bounce back from life’s trials and losses. My own experiences dealing with adversity, loss and heart-break—through things like a challenging childhood, a serious injury that left me with life-long chronic pain, and the loss of my third child late in pregnancy—propelled me onto the path of healing that we now share. My work as a minister, author, speaker, radio host and spiritual coach all emerged in response to my own participation in this great “hit parade” of life. Learning to see life’s heartbreaking hits as potential soul-making moments is one of the most profound and empowering developments we can make in our collective journey. We are truly being called to rise from the ashes and to rebuild with purpose and joy. It is your destiny to bounce back better and higher than before!

The good news is that in order to become more spiritually resilient, we don’t need to become anything at all. All we need to do is to uncover and get in touch with our true selves. Ralph Waldo Emerson captures the essence of this bulletproof birthright in his belief that “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” What lies within us really is more powerful than any hit we may take physically, emotionally or materially. Assisting others to recognize and respond to life’s myriad trials from this innate and limitless well of strength and solace is at the core of all the work I do.

Though it is not readily acknowledged by most, we are each really living two separate lives. The first is the outer, material reality where the events and circumstances of life seem to control our destinies. But the second life is our inner reality, where our potential and abundance is truly unlimited. Learning to live more fully in this inner landscape is the foundation of super spiritual resilience. I invite you to walk with me in this world and to take the first step today.




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Jillian Quinn, author of Secrets of the Bulletproof Spirit
Jillian Quinn, author of Secrets of the Bulletproof Spirit
Jillian Quinn, author of Secrets of the Bulletproof Spirit
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