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Have you taken a serious “hit” in your life? A divorce? The loss of a loved one? A health scare or difficult diagnosis? Financial distress? Even a dysfunctional childhood? If you are facing a loss, setback, betrayal or personal or professional disaster, best-selling authors Jillian Quinn and Azim Khamisa have written a book that you must read. Life throws obstacles, trials, heart-breaks and catastrophes our way and, like it or not, we must find a way to bounce back. The Secrets of the Bulletproof Spirit: How to Bounce Back from Life's Hardest Hits answers the questions that readers ask themselves when things get really tough:

Jillian Quinn and Azim Khamisa

  • Why do some people land on their feet no matter what happens to them?
  • Why do certain people zoom through life growing more joyful and successful despite the same pressures, heartaches and set-backs that derail everybody else?
  • How do they keep going in the face of serious problems?
  • Is there any way to feel secure in a world that hands out so many hard hits?
  • What can they do when a heart-break or set-back threatens to overwhelm them?
  • How can they feel better fast when they’re really suffering inside?
  • How do they turn around a seemingly impossible situation and bounce back better than before?
  • Exactly where do they start?

The answers to these questions are all connected to one simple and little-known truth: People who are good “bouncers” think very differently than most people do. They understand themselves to be “spiritually bulletproof” even though they are impacted by the same misfortunes and trials we all face. Fortunately, this kind of resilient thinking can be learned. The Secrets of the Bulletproof Spirit is the first book to reveal to readers the secrets known by some of the most resilient, successful and admired people in the world. These secrets will show readers:

  • How to break free from destructive attitudes about adversity
  • How to connect with their inner “bullet-proof spirit”
  • Exactly what to do to weather a heart-breaking hit
  • Techniques for protecting and strengthening their “spiritual immunity”
  • Strategies for keeping healthy and balanced during times of crisis
  • Ways to use adversity to fuel the fulfillment of their dreams

The Secrets of the Bulletproof Spirit is highly prescriptive and its thirty turbo-charged chapters coach readers—step-by-step— through a profound personal transformation. Each chapter utilizes cutting-edge research about how people learn, retain and apply new information. You will get practical, realistic strategies and tools to help you get through the hardest hits you face and that will set you on the road to bouncing back higher than ever before. Perhaps most importantly, reading The Secrets of the Bulletproof Spirit is like having your own personal adversity advisors and crisis coaches available to you around the clock. The book’s companion website, www.bulletproofspirit.com, offers a wealth of resources and support to those who want to find the happiness waiting for them on the other side of life’s heart-breaking hits.

About Azim

Azim Khamisa, Jillian’s co-author, is the embodiment of the bullet-proof spirit. Hailed by dignitaries such as the Dalai Lama, Former President Bill Clinton and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Azim carries his inspirational message of spiritual resiliency, forgiveness, peace and hope into a world in desperate need of each. Following the loss of his only son in 1995 to a senseless murder, Azim chose the path of forgiveness and compassion rather than revenge and bitterness, and this amazing choice led to the establishment of the Tariq Khamisa Foundation and the subsequent forgiveness movement which has reached millions. His profound work has been featured in the New York Times, People magazine, Parade magazine, the Washington Post and U.S.A. Today, as well as on NBC’s Today Show and KPBS's Fresh Air. Azim lives in La Jolla, California and is a father and grandfather.


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Jillian Quinn, author of Secrets of the Bulletproof Spirit
Jillian Quinn, author of Secrets of the Bulletproof Spirit
Jillian Quinn, author of Secrets of the Bulletproof Spirit
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